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Get the current script file name using PHP

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Get The Current Script File Name Using Php
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Get the current script file name using PHP by Marshallunduemi(): Tue 07, July, 2020
If I have PHP script, how can I get the filename from inside that script?

Also, given the name of a script of the form jquery.js.php, how can I extract just the "jquery.js" part?


Just use the PHP magic constant __FILE__ to get the current filename.

But it seems you want the part without .php. So...

basename(__FILE__, '.php');

A more generic file extension remover would look like this...

function chopExtension($filename) {
return pathinfo($filename, PATHINFO_FILENAME);

var_dump(chopExtension('bob.php')); // string(3) "bob"
var_dump(chopExtension('bob.i.have.dots.zip')); // string(15) "bob.i.have.dots"

Using standard string library functions is much quicker, as you'd expect.

function chopExtension($filename) {
return substr($filename, 0, strrpos($filename, '.'));

When you want your include to know what file it is in (ie. what script name was actually requested), use:

basename($_SERVER["SCRIPT_FILENAME"], '.php')

Because when you are writing to a file you usually know its name.

As noted by Alec Teal, if you use symlinks it will show the symlink name instead.

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Get The Current Script File Name Using Php

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