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WhatsApp Viewer plus source code

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Whatsapp Viewer Plus Source Code
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WhatsApp Viewer plus source code by Marshallunduemi(): Thu 14, May, 2020
Small tool to display chats from the Android msgstore.db.
Supported versions are crypt5, crypt7, crypt8 and crypt12.

You are looking for a way to:

View your WhatsApp chats on PC
Have a backup on your computer in case your phone gets lost
Conveniently read old conversations without pressing “load older messages”
Search messages
Export to .txt, .html, .json
No need to install Python, SQLite or additional libraries (M2Crypto)
All in a small application, no dependencies, no need to install


Download here: github.com
How to use

Get your key and database file from the phone. Easiest method I know: forum.xda-developers.com
Open WhatsApp Viewer
File -> Open -> Select file
Select msgstore.db in the folder “extracted”
Leave account name empty, is was used for older versions of WhatsApp (crypt5)
Optional: If you want, you can import contact names from the wa.db file
Click on a chat to show the messages.

You cannot see bigger images because only thumbnails are stored in the database.
You see cryptic phone numbers because account names or details are not stored in the database. However, you can import your wa.db file to resolve your contact names.

Do you have a good idea or new feature you would like to see in a future release? Please check whether it is already on the TODO list. If not, create a Github Issue or write me an e-mail. Please keep in mind I develop WhatsApp Viewer in my spare time, I won’t promise any features or release dates.

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Whatsapp Viewer Plus Source Code

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