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Customer is king & UX is royally important

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Customer Is King & Ux Is Royally Important
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Customer is king & UX is royally important by Marshallunduemi(): Tue 05, May, 2020
UX must-haves for ecommerce in 2020, career advice from a designer at Google, and 9 simple rules for making remote culture work

“Designing for ecommerce is an exciting field to be in. The results of your design skills are reflected in the earnings of the store.”

Online shopping has now become a part of everyday life for millions of people, and it only continues to grow. As a designer working in ecommerce, you’ll need to develop a unique set of skills that require a greater understanding of both marketing and development.

Want to learn what it takes to design a great ecommerce experience in 2020? Good news, Kristina Volchek has got you covered. As a UI/UX designer specializing in Shopify & Webflow, Kristina is an expert when it comes to designing for conversions and creating a memorable experience for customers. We were thrilled to have Kristina join us on the Dribbble blog to share her 7 UX best practices for ecommerce in 2020. Here’s a quick rundown on the takeaways:

📈 Data analysis is essential

🏃 Consider the need for speed

📱 Own mobile ecommerce

🗺️ Know the customer journey

💡 Simplicity is key

⌚ Respect a customer’s time

🧪 Test, analyze & test again

Find the rest of Kristina’s insights over on the blog by heading over to her full post, Designing for Conversions: 7 Best Practices for Ecommerce in 2020. You’ll get additional practical design tips, and techniques to deliver the best possible experience for your customers.

“My current focus is on Google Lens—a technology that uses your smartphone camera to detect objects, and offer actions and information about them.”

Meet Morgane Sanglier, a product designer and illustrator at Google. Over on the blog, we were thrilled to chat with Morgane about her career story—how she landed her first design job, and what she’s got going on these days at Google:

“My role changes from project to project. One morning I’ll be an artistic director on a photoshoot, the afternoon I’ll join a sprint and design some flows.”

On top of getting a glimpse into her career, Morgane also offers up some important words of wisdom that have helped her navigate her own growth as a designer, including making sure creating is your passion, and finding your style, but being flexible with it. Plus, there’s the importance of cultivating curiosity and putting meaning into your work.

For the full story, head over to the blog where Morgane shares even more insights on topics like favorite design tools, and where she hopes her career will take her in the future. Read on, friends! ■

“Given that our workplace is changing dramatically, shouldn’t the culture change too?”

Based on his own trials and errors scaling a fully distributed team, Nitesh Agrawal, founder of Indiez, joined us on the blog to share 9 commandments of building a strong remote team culture.

What exactly defines a great team culture? In the words of Nitesh, culture is the ability to work together as a team, make decisions even in the absence of key personnel, to feel fulfilled when things are going north or south and, ultimately, to serve the mission.

But how does one foster this kind of environment when you don’t even share the same physical space as your co-workers? A high-level overview of Nitesh’s own learnings suggests you:

🤝 Hire the best candidates

📋 Create a set of rules to live by

😎 Onboard new hires in style

📣 Communicate!

👥 Keep teams small

🎉 Make time for fun

📝 Sync up meetings

💬 Have 1-on-1 time

🙌 Reward, recognize, & relieve

Nitesh also reminds us that culture-building is an ongoing process and will vary significantly from team to team. That said, the nine commandments outlined should help you start implementing processes and rituals that foster a successful culture. Be sure to check out the complete blog post for more of Nitesh’s actionable tips and takeaways. ■

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Customer Is King & Ux Is Royally Important

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