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How to make your themes border round like Nairaland

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How to make your themes border round like Nairaland by Marshallunduemi(): Tue 31, March, 2020 04:29pm
Hello bloggers and CodeXpress Nairaland users, some of you have been requesting to make your theme borders round as the default theme does not come with rounded border.

The CodeXpress nairaland script has been developed by the top notch programmers from the Company.


Follow the guide => Login to your admin panel, the default admin panel is
After this enter your admin login details you created during script installations and goto => 'Header and Footer section' of the admin panel

Click set on 'header set' copy the below code and past on the right side box

td.grad, .grad {border-radius: 10px;}
th, td {border-radius: 10px;}
td.w, tr.w {border-radius: 10px;}

Then click save changes and you are all done.
Hope this helps

Love From CodeXpress Team

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