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How to Receive Payment from Abroad (Dollar)

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How to Receive Payment from Abroad (Dollar) by Marshallunduemi(): Wed 30, December, 2020
Today, the country we live in has made everything so difficult for business startup and entrepreneurs in Nigeria
How these businesses can actually receive payment form customers abroad in dollar. This reputable company Called PAYSTACK thank you for rescue.

Now, you can easily, i meant easily without stress received money straight to your bank account.

What are the requirements for accepting payments in USD?
The requirements for accepting USD payments vary based on your country. We've broken this down by country.

For Nigerian Businesses
To get your payouts for USD transactions you'll need a Zenith Bank USD domiciliary account. You can learn how to get a Zenith Bank domiciliary
account here.

Check here for a littile heads-up 👆

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